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Beautiful Gifts


CHRISTMAS GIFT WRAP-great ideas and easy ways to wrap beautiful

I’m just going to come out and admit… I am the EMBELLISHMENT QUEEN!  I love to embellish almost anything. And gift wrapping is my forte!!!  Not so much wrapping the package, but taking it from pretty paper to WOW this is gorgeous… (not bragging, just truth!)! In our house Bobby will wrap anything I put in a box. So you can just imagine how many great boxes I have collected in the basement. I’m so excite to share some easy Christmas gift wrapping ideas!
I’m partying with some of my favorite friends… and it’s all about Gift Wrap. Does that not get you excited!!! It should. Buying shoes and buying gift wrap has the same thrill value for me!!!
A big thanks to Julie from LILACS AND LONGHORNS for hosting this fun tour and doing all the work. You are the best, Julie!
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CHRISTMAS GIFT WRAP-brown paper with
My first tip is… GET RID OF THE GIFT BAGS!!!!  I know that they are easy to use and there are some fabulous bags out there. BUT…by the time most of us get them to the the recipient they are usually a crumpled mess. A-N-D… what fun is it to pull something out of a bag? It’s much more fun to unwrap a gift!
Here’s my mantra: If you can wrap it, do it!!! And if you can fit it into a box do that too!
In our home we don’t care that one of our boys pulls a great flannel shirt out of a Victoria’s Secret box. Those boxes are like gold in my house! They are sturdy and last from year to year!
A beautifully wrapped box trumps a gift bag every time!
CHRISTMAS GIFT WRAP-burlap bow and

When I choose Christmas gift wrap I select 3 patterns and colors at most. This year my home is decorated in neutrals, greens and black and white so I chose gift wrap that reflected my Christmas decor colors. This year I’m using plain kraft paper, a kraft colored paper with white snowflakes and a green and white pillow ticking paper. I’m on the lookout for great paper all year long! Again, for me, gift wrap and shoes have the same happy value!
CHRISTMAS GIFT WRAP-gift with snowy

I love to put ribbons and bows and Christmas elements on gifts! I have a huge roll of burlap ribbon and lots of colored stings in my gift wrapping station. (To see this very handy way to organize and wrap gifts, click HERE!) So, I put them to work on my packages this year! I also ordered lots of black and white check, plaid and herringbone ribbon for this year too! What I love about the black and white ribbon is that I can use it all year and it looks so dramatic on almost all packages!
I also keep a box of faux greens, pinecones, jingle bells and other “fluff” that says Christmas to me. If it’s handy I’ll probably use it!
CHRISTMAS GIFT WRAP-green and natural striped

Learn to make a beautiful bow! It’s really not hard. Just keep practicing… on your Christmas gifts… and you will be a pro at no time at all. Get rid of those pointy stick-on bows! Here a a couple of bows and techniques I use often… CHRISTMAS BOWBURLAP WEBBING BOWEASY-PEASY BOW.
It’s fun and very attractive to use a couple of different ribbons, threads, burlap, etc. on the same package. 


The great thing about using real ribbon and burlap is that you can use it again. I’ve trained my family to roll up the ribbon after they unwrap their gifts and then I put them in a special ribbon box. Many ribbons can be used for years!
CHRISTMAS GIFT WRAP-ribbon and greens on a
I love love love to use my glue gun! Some things need a little help to stay on a package! 
CHRISTMAS GIFT WRAP-boxwood wreath on
The most important thing about giving a gift is to make sure it’s wrapped up with love!!!!
CHRISTMAS GIFT WRAP-packages tuck in christmas

One of the best tips I can give you is to set up a gift wrapping cart. This is mine! It keeps all gift wrapping things easy to find and so organized! Click HERE to learn how to put one together!
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Please visit my blogging friends who have a GIFT WRAPPING post ready for you!!!
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CHRISTMAS GIFT WRAP-great ideas and easy ways to wrap beautiful

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